Contec’s full range of wipes offers reliability and consistency for error-free surface preparation for the Aerospace industry.


Surface Preparation Products for Aerospace Facilities

Contec is the recognized global leader in surface preparation products for critical paint and surface finishing applications. Because our products are used in aerospace facilities across North America and Europe, we are used to stringent guidelines and regulations. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 registered, allowing for greater process control and product consistency. Surface cleaning and preparation prior to painting or before applying sealants are just two of the many tasks performed with Contec products.

Aerochemicals Alliance - The Global Alliance of Aerospace Chemical Specialists

Contec is a proud partner in the Aerochemicals Alliance—a dynamic alliance of international specialists in their own specific market in the aerospace industry. The Alliance globally offers a full range of products wide enough to cover most of the aerospace industry’s critical chemical needs. For more information, click here.


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